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What kind of weather will I find in Trujillo?

Known as “The city of eternal spring”, Trujillo has a balanced climate throughout the year. Temperatures range between 15 and 23 degrees Celsius. The climate is coastal desert valley, warm and humid, cooled by the wind.

Month Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May. Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec. Annual
Max. abs. temp. (°C) 33.3 32 32 30 29 27 27 27 28 29 30 31 33.3
Avg. max. temp. (°C) 25.3 26.4 26.3 24.4 22.8 21.8 21.2 20.6 20.6 21.1 22.2 23.7 23
Avg. temp. (°C) 21.65 22.65 22.7 21.0 19.6 18.85 18.3 17.8 17.7 18 18.85 18.8 19.7
Avg. min. temp. (°C) 18.0 18.9 19.1 17.6 16.4 15.9 15.4 15.0 14.8 14.9 15.5 16.7 16.5
Min. abs. temp. (°C) 15.3 15.5 16 15 13.1 12.5 11.9 11.7 10.7 10.8 12.0 13.9 10.7
Total precipitation (mm) 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3
Relative humidity (%) 89 88 89 89 89 89 89 89 90 90 89 89 89
Fuente: Climate-data.org
Huaca de la Luna

What is the rainy season?

It rains very lightly when it does. During the Phenomenon of “El niño” periods the volume of rainfall increases with less intensity than the regions located further north.


Altitude problems?

The city of Trujillo is at sea level as well as the tourist attractions of the area.

Moche Sanctuary Lodge

What should I bring?

Wear cool and comfortable clothes to walk. Boots or slippers for excursions, sandals for the beach, swimwear, hat or cap, sunglasses and sunscreen. It is always good to carry water or some liquid to rehydrate.

Ciudad de Trujillo

What is the best time to get to know Trujillo?

Trujillo is the second city in importance in Peru, so it has activity throughout the year. Different colonial and religious traditions take place throughout the year. From the festivals of Marinera, the typical dance of the region, to the celebrations and tributes to the Virgen de la Puerta, also gastronomic festivals and sporting events (it has very wel known surf spots). Trujillo lives all year long.

Moche Sanctuary Lodge


Moche Sanctuary lodge is located a few kilometers from the city of Trujillo, in the heart of the Moche countryside, where there are not many telephone antennas. That is why the cellular signal in the area is low, which we compensate with a good Wi Fi signal.

Moche Sanctuary Lodge

Internet and mobile phone in Moche Sanctuary Lodge.

We have confirmed that Entel’s signal is stronger than the others in the area, with Claro having the least signal. At Moche Sanctuary Lodge we have wireless Internet throughout the hotel. The wifi service is free for our guests.

Moche Sanctuary Lodge

How to get to Moche Sanctuary Lodge?

At present, the Trujillo airport is receiving domestic flights from Lima and Cuzco, the nearest international airports are the José Quiñones de Chiclayo (receives flights from Panama) and the Jorge Chavez de Lima. The airlines that arrive are LATAM Peru, Avianca and LC Peru.

If you want to travel with your own vehicle or by bus, Trujillo is an accessible city by land routes and has a land terminal located at Auxiliar Panamericana Norte 13008 (www.terrapuertotrujillo.com). There are several transport companies that run along the Peruvian coast in both directions, to the south in the direction of Lima (557.2km by Pan-American North) and to the north Chiclayo (204km), also to the central mountain range to Caraz (243km) , Huaraz (312.2km), Cajamarca (246km) by the Sierra Norte to Chachapoyas (652.4km).

The main bus companies operating from and to Trujillo are: GH Bus (www.ghbus.com.pe), Moviltours (www.moviltours.com.pe), CIVA (www.civa.com.pe) and Linea (www.linea.pe).

Distance scheme – Trujillo City and other destinations:

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